'Martin Millar is a Scottish author living in London. He is the author of such novels as Supercute Futures, Lonely Werewolf Girl and The Good Fairies of New York. He wrote the Thraxas series under the name of Martin Scott, and won the World Fantasy Award in 2000. His novels have been widely translated abroad.'

Simulation Bleed, my web serial, has now been published as a novel, in paperback and ebook.

Due to certain peculiarities in the manner of their lives and deaths, Mixt and Nakishdan hunt through time for Geeda Lala, a mysterious interloper with a penchant for punk rock gigs in the 70s. Accompanying them is Rainith the Red, an unfriendly fairy with a sharp sword. Hindering them are psychological problems, hostile flying snakes, and 102 Wuu. (ISBN: 979-8662626287)

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cover of Simulation Bleed

London, music, time-travel, fighting, monsters, 1967, 1977, compulsions, therapy, swords, naginata, depression, alcohol, punk rock, prog rock, gaming.

Rainith the Red - Hostile Fairy Disorder.

Mixt - Sacrificed at Stonehenge, survived the experience.

Nakishdan - Psychic. Vain. Historical scoundrel.

My last book was Supercute Futures. I love this book. It's a mixture of cyberpunk and kawaii, two things I'm interested in, and a reflection of my long enjoyment of manga.

Mox and Mitsu, owners of the huge Supercute Empire, find themselves under attack by their bitter rivel Moe Bennie. For years they've dominated their ravaged world by having the cutest clothes and cuddliest toys, but now they're obliged to revert to armed violence, something at which they're surprisingly adept. Faced with an overwhelming cyber-assault, hostile drones in the air and mercenaries in the radioactive tunnels below, Supercute are desperately struggling to stay alive. (ISBN: 9780349419343)

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cover of Supercute Futures

From the publisher's blurb - 'A glorious offbeat mix of manga and cyberpunk, this latest by acclaimed author Martin Millar is an unforgettable and timely work of dystopian fiction. A magnificent juxtaposition of determinedly cute, bright and entertaining creatures against the background of a slowly decaying world, this manages to highlight everything that is both terrifying and inspiring about the human condition.'