Large, bad-tempered investigator. Used to work at the Palace. Sacked for drunkenness and insubordination. Now scratches a living as a private investigator in the poor part of town. Failed as a sorcerer in his youth, went on to a career as a mercenary.


Raised as a slave in Orcish gladiator pits. Champion gladiator by age 13. Slaughtered her captors and moved to Turai to gain an education. Has Human, Elvish and Orcish blood. Intelligent and skilful, but has weakness for the intoxicants city life has to offer.


Northern Barbarian. Old fighting companion of Thraxas. Landlord of the Avenging Axe, tavern where Thraxas lives.


Cook at the Avenging Axe. Very important to Thraxas because of her skill with stews and pastries.

Lisutaris, Mistress of the Sky

Extremely powerful Sorcerer. Very bad thazis habit. Sometimes employes Makri as bodyguard


Deputy Consul of Turai.


Consul, highest government official.


Number three in the Assassins Guild. Has carried out many assassinations, allegedly.


Thraxas's favourite baker. Best pastries in the city.


Local healer.

Captain Rallee

Civil Guard. Old fighting companion of Thraxas. Used to be friends, but don't get on so well these days. The Captain doesn't approve of private investigators.

Senator Lodius

Head of the opposition party in Turai.

Sarin the Merciless

Ruthless criminal. Without mercy, as her name suggests.


Head of Palace Security. Enemy of Thraxas.

Harmon Half Elf

Regards Thraxas as an imbecile

Glixius Dragon Killer

Criminal Sorcerer

Melus the Fair

Resident sorcerer at the Stadium Superbius. Responsible for making sure the chariot races are run fairly.

Tirini Snake Smiter

Turai's most glamorous sorcerer. Uses her powers to enhance her fabulous appearance.

Old Hasius the Brilliant

Reputed to be 112 years old. Chief investigating sorcerer at the Abode of Justice.

Horm the Dead

Crazed half-Orc sorcerer, Lord of the Kingdom of Yal. Hates Turai

Prince Amrag

Orcish war leader. His power is growing, threatening Turai and all the West.

Princess Direeva

Sorceress. Prospective ruler of the Southern Hills.