February 2017

The first two Thraxas books are now back in print, as a paperback. (amazon.com  - amazon.co.uk) The rest of the series will all be back as paperbacks soon. I hope to have books nine and ten, which have so far only been available as ebooks, in print within a month or so. The rest will follow along after that.

Meanwhile, book eleven is still in progress. It's coming along well, but I don't write as quickly as I used to. It will be ready in a few months.

thraxas books one and two

September 2016

I'm working on a new Thraxas book which I hope will be published early in 2017. Thraxas will see his home city of Turai again.

March 2015

Thraxas and the Oracle, number ten in the series, has now been published as an ebook. Thraxas and Makri are heading back to Turai.

thraxas and the oracle

June 2013

Thraxas Under Siege has now been re-issued as an ebook, meaning that the entire Thraxas series is now available.

thraxas and the ice dragon