All of the Thraxas books are available as paperbacks and ebooks - see below.

Thraxas is a private investigator in the city of Turai. He has some sorcerous powers but mainly he just drinks a lot of beer. Consequently he's always broke and has to live in the poor part of the city. Thraxas is overweight, bad tempered, and a keen gambler at the chariot races. He doesn't make for a pretty sight. His friend Makri is reckoned to be a good deal more attractive, but with her Orcish and Elvish blood, she does have a tendency to be violent.

The first Thraxas novel won the World Fantasy Award. There are now ten books in the Thraxas series. The eleventh will be published soon.

Thraxas books nine and ten

All ten Thraxas novels are available as paperbacks and ebooks. See the books page for more details, and links to Amazon.

The eleven Thraxas novels

1) Thraxas
2) Thraxas and the Warrior Monks
3) Thraxas at the Races
4) Thraxas and the Elvish Isles
5) Thraxas and the Sorcerers
6) Thraxas and the Dance of Death
7) Thraxas at War
8) Thraxas Under Siege
9) Thraxas and the Ice Dragon
10) Thraxas and the Oracle
11) Thraxas of Turai
(Coming soon. See news page.)

New print editions

Thraxas books seven and eight